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Paint Your Own Name Craft Kit

Paint Your Own Name Craft Kit


Personalised luxury painting kit. Bring the letters blanks to life by using the colours provided and a burst of creative inspiration!

A fun and easy craft project for you and your special ones to make together.


    This "paint your own" craft kit will provide a fun educational activity for children to enjoy during their time spent at home. Perfect as a personalised gift for those with unusual names.

    Each name painting kit comes with your chosen alphabet letters, a set of 5 assorted paint pots (choose between five colour palettes), glitter glue, paint brush and one bag of assorted embellishments. Also included are 2 top coat varnish pots to give the painted letters a lovely glossy finish, if desired. 

    Beautifully presented in a lovely clear top gift box.

    Parental supervision recommended

    PLEASE NOTE: plaster letters are cast to order and will require a few days (3-4 days) to completely dry before they can be packaged.
    Please allow approximately 5 working days from ordering for your kit to be ready to ship. Thank you.
    If you need your kit to be shipped in a hurry, do let us know and we’ll advise whether we can meet your requirements. 

    Each kit contains:
    - your chosen alphabet letters blanks 
    - 5x acrylic paint colours (for up-to-6 letters kits) or 6-8x paint pots (for up-to-10 letters kits)
    - 2x clear varnish pots.
    - 1x pot of glitter glue
    - 1 paint brush
    - 1x bag of assorted self adhesive embellishments

    - gift box

    Skill Level: easy. 
    Suitability: From 5 yrs old, with adult supervision. Not suitable for under 3 years. 

    Letter are individually cast in plaster of Paris and are approximately 5cm tall. Although every effort is made to get each letter the same thickness, they are handmade and may vary slightly.

    WARNING: This DIY kit is an educational craft activity and not a toy - it is intended for use with parental supervision.

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